Business Development Structure
HOW strong is your business foundation?

Our Business Development Coordinators will Plan & Implement Structure in the following areas:

  • Up-to-date accurate financials
  • Thorough understanding of financial reports
  • Managing cash flow (Taxes, GST, WorkSafeBC, etc.)
  • Policies & Procedures to control costs
  • Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Knowing your break even point

  • Manual filing systems + required retention periods
  • Standardized Forms, Policies & Procedures to control costs

  • Human Resources
  • Job Descriptions
  • Company Policies
  • Safety Planning (WorkSafeBC compliant)
  • Accurate Government reporting (T4's Summaries, T5018-Subs)

    Technical Solutions
  • Software Selection
  • Electronic filing system
  • Coordination of software & business processes
    Do you have all of your systems in place?

    Download this Business Development Roadmap to see where you are in your business.

    We can Help !

    STEPS to Business Success

    Structuring your Business
    Time Management
    Effective Financial & Adminsitrative Controls
    Promoting & Marketing your Business
    Sustainable Self Employment

    80% of North America's small & medium sized businesses cease to exist within 3 - 9 years.

    Business owners often spend more time working in their business than on it.

    Outsourcing any portion of your business should only be done when proper controls are put in place to monitor quality and accuracy.

    "Creating a smooth road for success is a lot less work than filling the potholes of failure." 
    Cathy Taylor, The GenX Group